Our company bears the name of our family who emigrated from Vaglio, Italy at the turn of the century. Arriving first in Costa Rica, my great grandfather, Quinto Vaglio, built the railroad system that boosted the country’s economy, and fathered twelve children. One of those twelve, Carlos Vaglio, emigrated to the United States with my beloved “Abuela”, Dora, and their three children: Raphael, a highly decorated veteran, Carlos, an accomplished international banker, and my mother, Ana, a successful banker in her own right who married my father Richard A. Barreto. Together, they had two children, Richard and myself, Robert (Vaglio) Barreto, founder of Famiglia Vaglio brand. My fabulous wife Karen and our amazing children, Robert and Katherine, are proud to follow in the footsteps of this colorful, wonderful and proud family and hope to share some of their stories as we go. Thank you for considering a Vaglio product, and we hope you join us as we build upon this legacy.

“If you are passionate about what you are doing, and curious enough to learn what it takes to make it work, success will follow.”

-Robert (Vaglio) Barreto


“Regarding the Vaglio watch, I have enjoyed wearing it to go out and on my rides, I like the stylish yet sporty look and it’s great to not have to change watches when I go out for a spin. I’ve gotten lots of comments on how stylish and sophisticated it looks.”

– Rich Hincapie, President of Hincapie Sportswear and Hincapie Racing Team



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