Famiglia Vaglio is committed to delivering value over price, quality over quantity, and innovation and exclusivity that will last for generations.

Fine watches are traditionally brought to market through multiple layers of distribution, third party resellers, expansive marketing budgets, celebrity endorsements and extensive overhead, resulting in the price of the watch far exceeding its actual value.

Our philosophy is to design unique timepieces, custom manufacturing many of the components to our exact specification while utilizing the same elements found in the finest watches, and then breaking the traditional sales model by selling directly to our clients.

It is also our belief that what translates into collectable value are the materials used in manufacturing, the appearance and the documented exclusivity of ownership. This is why we use the finest materials, apply unique design elements and limit the quantity of our collectable series.

Investing in a Famiglia Vaglio watch brings value home.



“I saw an article about you and your watches in a Greenville, S.C. magazine. I liked the look of the Pilota (blue hands and numbers against the black) and the idea of a locally designed product with quality construction. I have enjoyed wearing it and find the texture and fit of the band to be unusually comfortable. It is just a great looking watch.”

-Al Hodges



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